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Re: PATCH: allow installing grub on the MBR if /boot is on mdraid.

Joel Granados wrote:
----- "Hans de Goede" <hdegoede redhat com> wrote:

Hi All,

But here we would be loosing the "RAID Device" message.  It would be replaced by "First sector of boot partition", which is not bad thing, but I would still prefer to tell the user that its a "RAID Device".

I would prefer to just add a line inside the if that adds the mbr and then returns.

Then we miss / skip all the special cases for PPC, what if someone wants to do this on ppc ?

Also we are not installing grub to the RAID Device, we are installing grub to the first sector of the first partition of the RAID set, so the "First sector of boot partition" is arguably more correct.

Last I like patches which remove code better then those which add code :)



diff --git a/fsset.py b/fsset.py
index c9cd098..b726985 100644
--- a/fsset.py
+++ b/fsset.py
@@ -1522,10 +1522,6 @@ MAILADDR root
             ret['boot'] = (bootDev.device, N_("EFI System
             return ret
if bootDev.getName() == "RAIDDevice":
            ret['boot'] = (bootDev.device, N_("RAID Device"))
=======Add this line to the if:========
              ret['mbr'] = (bl.drivelist[0], N_("Master Boot Record (MBR)"))

            return ret

         if iutil.getPPCMacGen() == "NewWorld":
             ret['boot'] = (bootDev.device, N_("Apple Bootstrap"))
             n = 1


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