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Re: DriverDisc v3 integration


> > - during Yum install phase
> >   - the code lists all modules loaded into kernel and tried to find
> > those residing in DD directory (/tmp/DD)
> >   - modules which were loaded from that directory are translated to
> > package names (file dependencies) and added to Yum transaction
> We talked about that earlier - is this already the modinfo stuff?
> Cool.

It is, it wasn't particulary hard to implement. I don't really like the modinfo calls, but since there is no library for this, I had no other choice.

> Do you have an initrd image anywhere that Alex He or someone else in
> QE
> can get at it? I can build one, but I'm a little short on time at the
> moment so that would speed up a quick test run.

Not at the moment, rawhide doesn't even start anaconda properly (last time I checked - yesterday) so I couldn't test anything myself..


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