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Re: DriverDisc v3 integration

On 12/01/2009 01:03 PM, Martin Sivak wrote:

there is a tarball of patches against individual files attached to this email. This set of patches adds new driverdisc format support as well as the automatic driverdisc pickup (known as dlabel in RHEL5) to the current master branch.


Generally: did you test this? Does the C code build? Does the python code run when you use it to update the f12 code? (the current master does)

> diff --git a/docs/driverdisc.txt b/docs/driverdisc.txt
typo:prior the DriverDisc extraction

> diff --git a/loader/cpio.h b/loader/cpio.h
> diff --git a/loader/cpio.c b/loader/cpio.c
My viewer shows some tab characters in the new code, for instance in the files above, but others as well.

> diff --git a/loader/driverdisk.c b/loader/driverdisk.c
> /* FIXME: depmod didn't run */
Perhaps just return some error code.
How about all those other error handle todos and fixmes?
The functions that are passed into explodeRPM() are going to dump text directly to stdout. Shouldn't that go into a log instead?

>diff --git a/loader/rpmextract.c b/loader/rpmextract.c
The explodeRPM() function is around 200 lines.

> diff --git a/backend.py b/backend.py
>+        for f in glob.glob("/tmp/DD/firmware/*"):
Guessing here, but shouldn't this be "/tmp/DD/lib/firmware/*" ?


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