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Re: [PATCH 08/14] Add a method to determine whether a device is a CCISS RAID device.

> A cciss raid device is a hardware raid device, so for all purposes
> inside anaconda the cciss virtual drives are just disks. Unlike with
> software raid we never get to see the real disks hiding behind the
> raid controller in anyway.

Yes, I have a CCISS setup here, I am already aware of all of this.

> There are a lot of other hardware raid solutions, and I don't think we
> should start building a list of devicename prefixes to identify them.
> Esp as undoubtedly some will just show up as regular scsi disks (sdX),
> so trying to identify hardware raid controlled virtual disks / sets and
> marking them in the UI as such will lead to a maintenance problem as
> each time a new sort of hardware controller pops up we will need to
> add code to detect the disks we are finding are not really disks but
> hardware controlled raid sets.

I really do want to separate hardware RAID controllers from regular old
disks, though.  That's the point of all the storage filtering - show
different types of disks in different panes so you can quickly and
easily sort them out.

I agree that the name-based approach is pretty bad, especially as we
find other types of disks.  We've played this game before.  However,
we're going to need to find another approach.

- Chris

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