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Re: The review process for new "complicated" stuff (Re: DriverDisc v3 integration)

Hi Hans,

I agree with this, the backports make it harder though.

I was wondering how to do this in sane way yesterday, but most of the changes were made in really small area of one file (the rest is easy and by-file almost equals by-task) and end up as one patch anyways.

I at least did the by-file split so I wasn't sending the whole chunk... Maybe doing tricks with cherry-pick on temp branch would allow me to merge some of the patches to logically separated blocks.

But the big backported chunk + fixes will probably still be together. The whole "battlefield" was maybe 20 lines.. If you look at the patches, there is not much new stuff compared to rhel5. The new files were commited finished too (I tested them outside of anaconda, so I actually have simple testcase somewhere).


> Also starting from scratch (so merge your current work which includes
> bugfixes to not yet
> merged patches, in to one big patch, and then breaking that one up
> again), is the only way I can
> think of to get a sane set of patches to commit in to the master git
> repo, just pushing everything
> as is from your current repo to the master is not the way to handle
> this IMHO.
> Regards,
> Hans

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