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[PATCH] Driver Discs v3 in a sorted way


so after helpful comments by Peter, Hans and David I'm sending the patches in nicer form.

They fix most of the issues of the first review, but if you want to build them, they have to be applied together as they add a piece at the time. Unfortunately it has to be this way as the changes are tied and work closely together.

* Internally this is supposed to work like this *

- the new format is documented in the docs/ directory

- when unpacking
  - whole RPMs go to /tmp/DD-number/
  - firmware files go to /tmp/DD/lib/firmware (in overwriting mode)
  - modules go to /tmp/DD/lib/modules (in overwriting mode)

- during DD loading
  - depmod and modprobe are set to prefer the /tmp/DD location
  - when modprobe runs in DD mode, it picks modules from /tmp/DD, the only exceptions are modules needed to satisfy dependencies
  - probeDevices (udev trigger) is started after each driver disc (with modprobe in DD mode)

- at the end, modprobe is set to preference mode only and probeDevices is ran again

- during Yum install phase
  - the code lists all modules loaded into kernel and tried to find those residing in DD directory (/tmp/DD)
  - modules which were loaded from that directory are translated to package names (file dependencies) and added to Yum transaction

Overall, this code should ensure all features from rhel5 are present in rhel6. It also adds the multiple driverdiscs capability. some issues are still to be solved (e.g. updating specific modules, which are needed for the DD to function).

* Updates.img proposal, I need comments on this *

There was also proposal for automatic updates.img pickup from driverdiscs, but there two main issues remaining:
- versioning, we do not want to be updating anaconda files with older version
- arch specific stuff, especially isys

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