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Re: [master] Whenever storage code tries to log a method call, do so into the 'tmp/storage.log' file. (a part of #524980)

On Thu, 2009-11-26 at 16:53 +0100, Ales Kozumplik wrote:
> Previously, the method call was logged into 'tmp/anaconda.log' which
> made the file harder to do anything useful with.

Looks okay to me with one comment, below.

> diff --git a/storage/devices.py b/storage/devices.py
> index 7f30d32..c10417c 100644
> --- a/storage/devices.py
> +++ b/storage/devices.py
> @@ -108,7 +108,8 @@ import platform
>  import block
>  from errors import *
> -from iutil import log_method_call, notify_kernel, numeric_type
> +from iutil import notify_kernel, numeric_type
> +from storage.storage_log import log_method_call
>  from udev import *
>  from formats import get_device_format_class, getFormat, DeviceFormat
>  from isys import compareDrives

I think fully qualifying the storage.storage_log module from within the
storage module just makes it harder to read, especially when there are
relative imports immediately before/after it (udev, formats in the
example above).


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