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Re: files in updates.img not being implemented

On 12/02/2009 09:22 PM, Peter Scheie wrote:
I realize this is anaconda-devel, not anaconda-customizers, but I didn't
know where else to ask.  If there's a better list, let me know.

I've made some small changes to network_text.py (in stage2.img) that I
need for our internal purposes.  I then built an updates.img (compressed
cpio archive method) containing my file and posted it into the images/
directory from which we install via http.  Apache's logs show the
updates.img file being downloaded ahead of stage2.img, as it should be,
but anaconda is using the network_text.py contained in stage2.img rather
than mine.  Any ideas why?  I tried building a directory path to
network_text.py in updates.img, to match that in stage2.img, but that
made no difference.  I know it's not my file because it works as
expected if I rebuild stage2.img with it.  Perhaps I misunderstand what
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Updates is saying, and changes to
the files within stage2.img cannot be implemented by just placing them
into a updates.img file (?)


Hi Peter,

If the file you've changed is in a directory relative to the main script I have found that sometimes you need to include the whole directory in the updates.img. I'd say that this is because python loads other modules from the same package first and only finds them where stage2.img is mounted so when your module is imported python uses the original directory again.


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