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Re: [PATCH 1/3] Do not traceback on invalid ks repo --baseurl values (#543003)

On 12/02/2009 04:40 PM, Radek Vykydal wrote:
The cause of traceback is that repo._baseurlSetup changes repo.baseurl
attribute (removes all invalid urls from the list) so we have to keep
invalid urls in anacondaBaseURLs to be able to edit it eventually.

_baseurlSetup is called from whiteout plugin for all repos (by repo.retreiveMD)
after setup of first repo

This is a rhel6 bug, should I commit it to rhel6-branch or wait for rebase?

  yuminstall.py |    2 +-
  1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/yuminstall.py b/yuminstall.py
index accf452..08409d9 100644
--- a/yuminstall.py
+++ b/yuminstall.py
@@ -668,7 +668,7 @@ class AnacondaYum(YumSorter):
                  # yum doesn't understand nfs:// and doesn't want to.  We need
                  # to first do the mount, then translate it into a file:// that
                  # yum does understand.
-                anacondaBaseURLs = []
+                anacondaBaseURLs = [ksrepo.baseurl]
                  if ksrepo.baseurl and ksrepo.baseurl.startswith("nfs://";):
                      if not network.hasActiveNetDev() and not self.anaconda.intf.enableNetwork():
                          self.anaconda.intf.messageWindow(_("No Network Available"),


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