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Re: [PATCH 4/4] If anaconda is not run from loader or liveinst, fail.

> >      if opts.unsupportedMode:
> >          stdoutLog.error("Running anaconda in %s mode is no longer supported." % opts.unsupportedMode)
> >          sys.exit(0)
> >+    elif not opts.liveinst or not parent.endswith("/loader"):
> >+        stdoutLog.error("Running anaconda from the command line is not supported.\n"
> >+                        "Please start anaconda either from the boot media or from "
> >+                        "the livecd environment.")
> >+        sys.exit(0)
> >
> >      # Now that we've got arguments, do some extra processing.
> >      instClass = getInstClass()
> I don't see the new if block as being exclusive to the opts.unsupportedMode if, therefor
> it should be just an if not an elif. But that might just be my preference.

I don't think it matters one way or the other, but I can certainly make
that change.

> I wonder can we also get rid of the setupfilesystems flag stuff ?

The only place we set flags.setupFilesystems is in flags.py, and it will
only ever be 1.  Good catch.  So yes, that can go too.  One second...

- Chris

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