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Re: Using arbitrary interfaces for ksdevice

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On Wed, 2 Dec 2009, John Kelly wrote:

Hey folks,

I have been lurking here while I've been busy patching anaconda for use as an installer on an embedded system.  The fix for the big problem we are having (USB DVD drives not found intermittently) seems to be already in the pipeline.

The next biggest problem, though, comes from our need to do only headless telnet installs, and on some boards the only accessible interface is eth0, while on others it is eth1.  We have no video chip, and we can only have one default isolinux target, so we have the unhappy solution now of producing two ISO images that differ only in isolinux.cfg.

I have a prototype of a patch to the loader that will respond to a "ksdevice=any" option to create a bridge and pile into it all detected ethernet interfaces, then apply the networking configuration to that bridge, which will allow a user to connect to any interface in order to perform the installation.  In addition, I've added in sisusbvga drivers so that a USB VGA adapter is an option for these situations.

I could submit these patches to you if you think they would be of general interest...I would have to port them to the latest code first, I am sure (I'm working off of anaconda- sources now), so I don't want to spend the time if they are deemed too specialized, or if there is another approach already in the works.

Thanks for all the work on anaconda.

How is something like ksdevice=any different than using ksdevice=link?  Do you
have multiple active links connected at install time?  If so, I can see an
'any' mode being somewhat useful in these cases.  Send patches and we can look
at them.

- -- David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>
Red Hat / Honolulu, HI

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