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Re: [PATCH 4/4] If anaconda is not run from loader or liveinst, fail.

Chris Lumens wrote:
In our case this file is
a shell script that calls the original anaconda, and performs some
additional install work after anaconda exits.

So will the change you are describing prevent this script from
running anaconda?

Yes, it would since the parent of the anaconda process is some program
other than /sbin/loader.

Perhaps there's an alternate way to do what you need to do, though.
You're already using a special initrd with your own updates.  Can you
add your additional work to a new python file and add it as another step
in the dispatcher?  Is what you're doing simple enough to just add
somewhere else in anaconda?
We'll have to investigate that further I guess. It's my understanding that Anaconda and all the python code live in the stage2 ramdisk? We currently only rebuild the kernel initrd, so rebuilding stage2 also could be problematic.

Would it be possible to either allow both /sbin/loader, and /tmp/updates/anaconda? Or to walk further (maybe only one level more?) up the process tree looking for /sbin/loader? I imagine there maybe other valid uses for /tmp/updates/anaconda to be a wrapper.

Have you tested your current setup with Fedora or RHEL6 lately?  I'm
guessing it probably doesn't work.
We're looking into adding support for RHEL6 soon - We generally don't start working on your new releases till the betas are available. It's my understanding that RHEL6 is still in 'alpha'? Given this though I'll suggest we start looking at it earlier rather than later.

Do you have any specifics in mind for why you think it might already be broken for RHEL6?


What release will this change likely appear in?

That's a good question.  I'm undecided if this is RHEL6-worthy or not.
If not, it's time for fun with git branches.  It's certainly nothing
that's going to appear in RHEL3/4/5.

- Chris

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