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Re: [PATCH] DriverDiscs again - fixes according to review

> Anaconda loader cleanup has been on the to do list since I've been at Red Hat,
> and we still see msw, ewt, and msf code.  We'll never get around to it unless
> we actually force cleanup.  Since this was largely new code entering the
> installer, it felt like as good a time as any.  I don't think any of the
> cleanups pointed out were very difficult.

I am extremely pessimistic that we will ever get the loader cleaned up.
I am much more optimistic that we will be able to remove more chunks of
it over time, which will have the side effect of cleaning certain areas
up.  No one's TODO list has "clean up loader" on it, because we've all
got a million other things that need to be done right now.  And until we
get that as an item on someone's list, we're stuck.

> I'd like to see comments from other people on the team regarding the driver
> disk patch set.

See Peter's comment about patches to patches.

- Chris

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