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Re: [PATCH 1/2] display reIPL information via lsreipl

> During development of this, an Exception was thrown by execWithRedirect.
> This caused installation to fail.  Which is why I added the catch.
> I don't remember the exact exception.  However, as this is only
> informational,
> I really don't want an exception to abort the installation.

Can you check again and see what the exception was?

The problem here is that while it may be informational, if it stops
working, it's going to end up being a bug report.  Do we want to know
about it sooner or later?

> Obviously, the executable can be corrupted, or not have correct
> permissions,
> or have a run time problem.  I didn't know the complete list of possible
> exceptions, so I caught the parent.
> I can remove the exception if you want...

Catching Exception always makes me wary, and the reason is because it
often ends up masking real problems - sometimes problems that are
happening way down in a call stack - making them harder to discover and
harder to debug.

If you know of specific problems that can happen, we can catch those
specific problems.  But just catching everything is going to end up
biting us.

And yes, I know we do this in tons of places already.  I don't like it
in any of those either.

- Chris

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