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Re: [PATCH] DriverDiscs again - fixes according to review


> I don't see a single instance on this whole subject when you've
> posted
> without getting a response for more than a week. In most cases it's
> been within a day. I know that review can be a difficult process,
> especially with such a large chunk of code, but hyperbole really is
> not helping here.

Then look at the first set of task based patches. I got review within a day.. on one of them. The rest was laying there for another week. But this is a general problem with all patches touching pieces people do not like (and not just mine...).

> > Talking about libarchive, their documentation is a mess and could
> use
> > some help too (I wasn't just complaining, I actually looked at it
> and
> > I like the concept, but I have to figure out the small details
> > first...)
> The API is not very hard to figure out from the headers; I wrote a
> test
> app at FudCon using it in 10 or 15 minutes.

It wasn't that hard, I was just talking about the documentation. When I figured out that they work only with stream archives and let you read header, data, header, data.. it was easy. But that took a moment of thinking.

Anyway, compilable version with libarchive is in the list now.


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