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Re: Added *Anaconda Stage* to the How_to_debug_installation_problems page

> When testing boot methods of installation, '/anaconda is able to
> transition to stage2 without error' /is really important to make
> sure that the install actually starts the anaconda. But many people
> feel confused of what the stages are during installation. Therefore,
> I created a page[1] telling the differences and how to judge between
> them. And this probably is something we should publicize better for
> bug reporters as well. So I also add the *Anaconda Stage* content to
> the existing How_to_debug_installation_problems wiki page[2].
> Can someone please review it? Feel free for comments and improvements. :-)

Thanks for adding this information.

On the first page, you say:

   "The second stage of anaconda configures all the settings such as
    language and keyboard mapping..."

This is only true if you are booting off the CD/DVD.  If you are network
booting, you will get the language and keyboard screens in stage1.  This
is because we may need to present more advanced dialogs that will
require knowing that information.

Also, stage2 can look like stage1 if you are doing a text mode install.
The key for telling what stage you're in across all modes of
installation really is that "Running anaconda, the whatever system
installer" message.

Now, keep in mind that we're not pushing text mode anymore and most
people are booting off the CD/DVD.  Maybe mentioning these things would
just add confusion.

- Chris

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