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Re: [master] Introduces rsylogd to anaconda (part of #524980)

On 12/22/2009 03:15 PM, Martin Sivak wrote:
Generally, I like it, but I have few small objections/questions:

- what happens to the installation, if rsyslogd fails to start (for example during fork)?
- what happens if somebody passes wrong remote logging args? Will rsyslogd still start?
We discussed this, your arguments are valid --- I am going to post a new patch soon. In it I first call rsyslogd with a parameter telling it only to validate the config file and exit. Then I run rsyslogd for real. I check return values from both the calls and because they are done using system() I avoid forking all together.

And please make the comments more descriptive, we do not touch this code that much to remember everything and it is helpful to have the info handy.

I've tried but if it is still not enough you will need to show me specific places.


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