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Re: [PATCH 2/2] Use None to indicate use of default value for clearPartType in UI (#503310, #503681).

Radek Vykydal wrote:
If we are to set clearPartType in "parttype" UI (there is no clearpart in KS), set it really there,
instead of setting it to CLEARPART_TYPE_NONE just to pass storage device discovery checks
which are done between ks processing and UI parttype.

not perfect, this UI case doesn't work properly:

"Replace existing Linux system", check review
storage discovery (reset) with clearpart set to CLEARPART_TYPE_LINUX, so the shouldClear check in handleUdevDeviceFormats prevents discovery of LVM, RAID, ... again
"Create custom layout"
missing LVM, RAID,... devices

I am working on fix, wondering if the shouldClear check is worth being there.
Another case where we probably stumble over it is when doing "Back"s to the
welcome page. Seems like we need to save original ks clearpart choice
somewhere for doing UI preselection properly in these cases - it's getting ugly.

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