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Re: RFC: configuration file for storing persistent FCoE information

Mike Christie wrote:
I adding Jan, because we did this for RHEL 5 already. I think we just

Oh yeah, it should be in the fedora 11 stuff too. I think the package name is fcoe-utils.

used the default config stuff from the upstream project.

Hans de Goede wrote:
Hi All,

When using FCoE, and it is not used for /
(when it is used for / this becomes the initrd's problem),
then rc.sysinit needs to bring up the FCoE fabric, in
order to do this rc.sysinit needs to know:

1) That FCoE is being used
2) Which NIC is connected to the FCoE SAN.

So we will need a config file for this. I can imagine
using /etc/sysconfig/fcoe

With a single line in there like:

The idea to use keyword <-> value pairs here is to have
this extensible. I'm open to suggestions, and esp to
input about how this is handled in other distro's / by
upstream provided scripts.



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