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Re: RFC: configuration file for storing persistent FCoE information

On 06/05/2009 09:33 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
Mike Christie wrote:
I adding Jan, because we did this for RHEL 5 already. I think we just

Oh yeah, it should be in the fedora 11 stuff too. I think the package
name is fcoe-utils.


That is useful, there is one problem with this though, it is a regular
initscript, which means filesystems on fcoe devices cannot be mounted
from rc.sysinit. We can work around this by marking them as _netdev
in their fstab options (otherwise rc.sysinit will drop the system
to a rescue shell when it cannot find them).

There are however issues with marking them as _netdev:
1) This is technically not correct IMHO, FCoE is just a normal external
   "disk", which happens to be plugged in in ethernet port instead of
   a usb stick, but it has nothing to do with the network
   (fibrechannel != network), see below as to why this matters

2) If we do mark them as _netdev, they will not get mounted until the
   "network" is up and running, which in our default setup using
   NetworkManager, means that they will not get mounted until
   NetworkManager has brought up an interface associated with the default
   route. So if the dhcp server is down, we will not mount our FCoE
   filesystems even if they are fine.

No I can live with the above, but pretty is something else. So what will
it be ?

The alternative would be to add a /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.d dir, and the ability
to rc.sysinit to run scripts dropped in there before the fsck and mounting
of fs. Bill, so how much do you hate this idea ?

An other alternative would be to put the activation of FCoE in rc.sysinit,
but I think the rc.sysinit.d idea is better, esp. as we get more and more
different local storage methods which need to be brought up before mounting
and running fsck.



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