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Re: [PATCH] If clearpart is set in ks, make combobox in parttype UI insensitive.

Chris Lumens wrote:
diff --git a/iw/autopart_type.py b/iw/autopart_type.py
index f192d6a..c0158f8 100644
--- a/iw/autopart_type.py
+++ b/iw/autopart_type.py
@@ -449,6 +449,7 @@ class PartitionTypeWindow(InstallWindow):
             preselected = CLEARPART_TYPE_LINUX
preselected = self.storage.clearPartType + self.combo.set_sensitive(False) for (txt, val) in opts:
             iter = store.append(None)

I'm not following.  What's the problem you're solving here?

If clearpart is set in ks, and user gets to parttype UI step (that is,
partitioning is not set in ks), and chooses "Create custom layout",
there are missing devices (RAID, LVM) in partitioning dialog because
we had not discovered format of partitions which are to be cleared
in storage initialization step.

So we should either 1) (the patch) not allow to select custom layout
at this stage because user has already chosen type of partitioning
in ks, or 2) do storage reset on "Next" if clearPartType set in ks differs
from that one chosen in UI to have all devices detected in partitioning

In 1), doing "Create custom layout", "Next", "Back" triggers storage reset
discovering all devices in "Back", and the combobox becomes sensitive again.

Also, have you tested with interactive kickstart installs too?  Those
usually screw up the clearpart processing.

Aha, thanks for pointing it out, the patch won't work for interactive ks, so
probably we have to do 2).


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