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Re: RFC: configuration file for storing persistent FCoE information

Hans de Goede (hdegoede redhat com) said: 
>> Well, it requires the link at least to be up, which we don't do until
>> network/NM.
> And which we could easily do for the interface in question from rc.sysinit.

Sure, but I'd rather just do that via udev for everything
(insert screams of security people here.)

>> Right, but it's sort of weird to have local net filesystems and yet
>> be unable to have an address assigned to you - I'm not sure that's
>> the sort of case we need to optimize for.
> This is not a net filesystem, this is simple an external disk, just like
> a disk in an usb enclosure. The fact that it uses a network plug does not
> make it a network device. Anyways I'll write this down as a vote for
> just mark them as _netdev (a solution I'm fine with by the way).

It is a filesystem that goes "poof" if you down the link or yank the
cable; from a practical standpoint, that's a network filesystem.


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