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Re: RFC: configuration file for storing persistent FCoE information

On Monday, June 08 2009, Bill Nottingham said:
> Hans de Goede (hdegoede redhat com) said: 
> >> Right, but it's sort of weird to have local net filesystems and yet
> >> be unable to have an address assigned to you - I'm not sure that's
> >> the sort of case we need to optimize for.
> >
> > This is not a net filesystem, this is simple an external disk, just like
> > a disk in an usb enclosure. The fact that it uses a network plug does not
> > make it a network device. Anyways I'll write this down as a vote for
> > just mark them as _netdev (a solution I'm fine with by the way).
> It is a filesystem that goes "poof" if you down the link or yank the
> cable; from a practical standpoint, that's a network filesystem.

The filesystem on your USB disk goes "poof" if you yank the cable too...

So does the filesystem on your large RAID array when someone
accidentally pulls the scsi cable off the back of porkchop when rewiring
another machine.  Not that _that_ has ever happened ;-)


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