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Stress Testing Anaconda Storage Code

I have a unique testing setup that anaconda fails on. With the storage rewrite, I cannot get to a custom layout dialogue without a traceback occurring (bz 504002: AttributeError: 'StorageDevice' object has no attribute 'geometry' and Bz 497240 - anaconda loops endlessly when trying to save traceback contains a description of the layout). Additionally, I have software raid 5, raid 10 and a raid device container defined.

I can do a custom layout with Fedora 11 alpha and Fedora 10.

An option for me is to kill the entire partitioning scheme with a rescue cd and then start over with Fedora 11.

However, it does seem that since this is the first time ever (starting with Fedora Core 2) that I have not been able to tease anaconda thru an install using custom layout dialogues, maybe I should keep the current configuration and be a "stress test platform" for anaconda development, especially the storage rewrite. I am willing to do this if it would be useful to you folks in Anaconda Development.

I would appreciate feedback on this idea.

Thanks for your consideration, patience and listening.

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