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Re: [PATCH] Changes for using md on top isw format for F12

Hi all,

On 06/09/2009 01:55 PM, Jacek Danecki wrote:

This is series of 5 new patches. These patches obsoletes previous patches.
All patches were rebased to the version anaconda- - commit
Patches adds new class MDRaidContainerDevice for MD containers. MD
containers are not displayes in partitioning window.
Support for new kernel parameter iswmd was added in booty.
This patches requires mdadm 3.0 which is not available in rawhide yet.
As grub don't open correctly partition created during installation,
workaround is needed. For example, for device /dev/md126 anaconda can
create partition /dev/md126p1, but grub will try to open partition using
device /dev/md1261, so during installation on second console user should
create link
in /mnt/sysimage/dev using command: ln -s dev/md126p1 dev/1261, and
later for all partition.

ok patches 1 and 2 look good.
About patch 3, you do not seem to do anything with the
level, memberDevices, totalDevices and bitmap arguments
to the new class' __init__ method may I suggest removing
the arguments?

Patch 4 looks ok

About patch 5, see my comments in the separate reply to that.

Can you please make a list with what else needs to be done
besides these anaconda patches to get the iswmd support
in a testable condition.

I know that we need a new mdadm and some fixes to grub,
but can you please be *A LOT* more verbose / clear about
what is exactly needed ? All your comments about this sofar
have been very vague, making them basically unusable.

Also have you already filed bugs against grub anb mdadm
for this?

If so what are the bug numbers? And have you included
details, like what *EXACTLY* does not work with the current
versions, how this could be fixed (preferably multiple options
if present) and what way you suggest to fix this.

Thanks & Regards,


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