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Re: [PATCH] Changes for using md on top isw format for F12

Hans de Goede wrote:
ok patches 1 and 2 look good.
About patch 3, you do not seem to do anything with the
level, memberDevices, totalDevices and bitmap arguments
to the new class' __init__ method may I suggest removing
the arguments?

Do you want to patch for patches 3 and 5, or just rewritten patches 3 and 5?

I know that we need a new mdadm and some fixes to grub,
but can you please be *A LOT* more verbose / clear about
what is exactly needed ? All your comments about this sofar
have been very vague, making them basically unusable.

For mdadm the most important commits are since devel3 version:

imsm: fix num_domains
This patch is needed to make possible boot from raid1 by OROM.

super-intel: fix test on failed_disk_num.
This patch correct a patch "imsm: fix num_domains"

Monitor: don't get confused if utime is never set.
This patch is needed for events, which are not handled correctly in monitor mode for isw arrays.

imsm: kill "auto=" in brief_examine_super_imsm
This patch is needed for kernels above 2.6.28.

RebuildMap: handle missing disks
This is fix for segfault after syfs_read.

imsm: support --examine --export
This patch adds support for parameters -E --export for isw format.

Also have you already filed bugs against grub anb mdadm
for this?

Yes. For mdadm: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=499141, but Doug closed this bug as CANTFIX, so I did not fill the next bugs for mdadm.
For grub: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=503698

Thanks for review.

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