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Re: [PATCH] Moving anaconda to autoconf/automake

On 06/09/2009 02:07 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
>> This was a backburner project I had for a while, but I've updated it to  
>> work with the latest source tree and feel now (early in F-12), it's a  
>> good time to look at something like this.
> I'm okay with this, if for no other reason than:
> (1) It forces some sort of build system organization on us, which we had
>     kind of been making up as we went along.

To me, this seems like a step backward, not forward.

> (2) It makes us look more like all the other projects in Fedora, which
>     is at the least good PR for us.

True, but not very compelling.

> (3) It forces us to look at our source tree and move things around that
>     no longer make sense.

Eh, maybe a little true, but not something we couldn't do without such an
invasive change for so little /tangible/ benefit.

>> 4) Speaking of ./configure, I added options for SELinux and other things
>>    that we had as conditionals in Makefiles (however, they may no longer
>>    be completely conditional in the code).  The default settings are
>>    what we had as defaults before.
> At some point, we should go through and decide whether these things
> really do need to be options anymore.

Yeah, that'd be a whole lot better to do.  In the case of SELinux, we've kept
it optional at the request of other distros that use Anaconda and don't ship

I think switching to autotools is a major mistake.


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