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Re: Partitionint UI stuff...

Joel Granados wrote:
On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 12:18:12PM +0200, Radek Vykydal wrote:
One thing that might be worth considering is cleanup of editing of existing
partitions. I am inclined to approach that user can always refer to the original
state, not only to state after last editing. It assumes that
all actions one can want to do with existing partition can be set in
one such edit dialog for the partition, and the flow (resize / format(encrypt) / migrate)
is unambiguous.

Example I can remember of is when user changes his mind and wants to
migrate existing partition instead of formatting it (as he set in previous editing).

It would be awesome to have a back button for this :)  I get your point
but, IMO, it goes against the behavior that would be expected (I expect
it to be that way) from the format partition.  Which would be to show
what changes have been done up until that point.

Note that I am talking specifically about preexisting partitions here.
So you seem to see sequence of edits as sequence of actions like: you've
formatted it in previous edit, therefore you can't migrate in next edit.
I'd see Edit on preexisting part as editing what you want to do with it.
(like switching between format, migrate, resize, ...).
And this is also what we seem to be trying to do now
(but not perfectly). At least in this case for example:
when editing existing ext3 partition you can:

Edit: check format, Ok
-> Format checked in the tree
Edit: uncheck format, Ok
-> still has Format checked in the tree (bug?)
Edit: (has format checked in dialog) uncheck format, Ok
-> Format not checked in the tree
Edit: (format unchecked, offers Resize in dialog again), Cancel
-> Format not checked in the tree
-> partition won't be formatted

 I would be very
annoying form me to have to do the partitioning changes to a certain
partition every time I hit edit just because we have a corner case, like
the one you describe.

I don't understand what you mean.
What I see annoying is to have to do Reset and do everything from the
scratch again because I just want to change what to do with one existing partition.

I am not sure that suggested approach is doable, or the best one,
or easily applicable to our actions model, but I still think editing of
preexisting partitions needs quite a lot of work (try to play with
resize) and this is just what I came up to when I was thinking how to do it.

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