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Installer device Filtering...

Hello list.

There was a discussion in irc about device filtering.  I just wanted to
summarize and post what was discussed so we can maybe get some valuable
insight from the mailing list.
This is more like an irc dump than a summary.  But I hope it shows some
of the topics that should/could be discussed

 * What information to give to the filter?  This is related to the UI.
   And this was the reason to begin the discussion.
   - Give a regular expression that identifies the devices
   - Specify with a checkbox if you want anaconda to use the regular
   - Specify what that regular expression should do (Ignore or Include)

 * On what would those regular expressions operate?
   - canonicalized path of the device link under /sys/block.
   - []$ readlink -f /sys/block/sda/device
   - /dev/disk/by-path version is also possible.  Could be useful.

 * Why not have the possibility to refresh?  (Refresh would work with
   the information contained in the kernel.)
   - The user tweaks the scanning list and hits refresh.
   - User does this until he/she is satisfied with the device list.

 * Three possible scanning stages where identified.  Each of these might
   be controlled by the filter.
   1. Kernel scan
   2. udev scan
   3. devicetree.py:scan

 *  We actually want to be able to tell the kernel not to scan certain

 *  Wish people would learn how to configure fibrechannel switch acl's so we
    would only see the lun's they actually want us to touch.  Would it
    be a good idea to document the configuration setup that anaconda

 * How would udev filters aid us with the overall filtering.


Joel Andres Granados
Brno, Czech Republic, Red Hat.

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