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New parted version.

Hello list:

Just a heads up on what is going on with parted for f12.  Going to
upgrade to the "not yet released" parted version (1.9.0).  Things to

1.  There is a patch to turn off the cylinder alignment crap on msdos
type labels.  To control the flag use ped_disk_align_to_cylinders_toggle()
to query the flag use ped_disk_align_to_cylinders_on(), the flag is on
by default so we can test the behavior.

2. There are a lot of bugfixes for the new version.  I removed the
no-replace-gpt label patch that we had in fedora.  There is a patch in
the new release that takes care of this issue, but it might act
differently then what we had, so if there is any problem, scream :)

3. The build is here:

Upstream has not released yet.  But I'll probalby put the new parted in
soonish, as current master is probably going to be the release.  The
idea is to start debuggin early.  Note that we also need some additional
cycles to get the "dasd duplicate" feature in.  So If there is a new
parted in development it should change slightly.

Questions, suggestions?

Joel Andres Granados
Brno, Czech Republic, Red Hat.

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