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Re: [PATCH] MD boot support for F12

Hans de Goede wrote:

I've commited your changes to the master branch, what is the status of
related the grub and mdraid bugs ? (I would like to test this code on
my own system once everything is in place).

Thanks. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=503698 - not fixed yet
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=505552 - not fixed yet

Use the latest pykickstart from git. I'm using pykickstart 1.54.1 - 2009-06-16 - commit 3720bf1e203ce4d626bc2b47b0e006895d085a18

I you want to test you can use some workaround for gruy/mkinitrd. For example if your MD array is /dev/md126 and you created root-device as /dev/md126p1

During installation switch to 2 console and:
1. Grub: create link in directory /mnt/sysimage/dev  for your MD root-device
ln -s /dev/md126p1 /dev/md1261
2. Grub: Change name of root-device in /mnt/sysimage/boot/grub/menu.lst to /dev/md126p1
3. mkinitrd: In /mnt/sysimage/etc/fstab change root device to /dev/md126p1
4. Create file /mnt/sysimage/etc/mdadm.conf using mdadm -Es
5. Example of the tail init script in initrd

echo "Loading raid1 module"
modprobe -q raid1
modprobe scsi_wait_scan
rmmod scsi_wait_scan
mdadm -Asc /etc/mdadm.conf
resume UUID=77b32c8c-eada-466a-967e-5d2123c41560
echo Creating root device.
mkrootdev -t ext3 -o defaults,ro /dev/md126
echo Mounting root filesystem.
mount /sysroot
cond -ne 0 plymouth --hide-splash
echo Setting up other filesystems.
plymouth --newroot=/sysroot
mdmon /proc/mdstat /sysroot
echo Switching to new root and running init.
echo Booting has failed.
sleep -1

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