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Re: Glade files for anaconda UI (storage)

On Friday, June 19 2009, Joel Granados said:
> 1. I would hold all detection of stuff that would otherwise take
> anaconda too long to detect [1], until the autopart screen.  Where the
> user can choose to go with the "local" detected storage or to use the
> additional configuration  iscsi, zFCP ...

"Additional configuration" seems like a weird verbage to use here and
especially having it where it's placed.  The way we add additional disks
now at least seems to me a little more obvious, although it needs some
different wording if we're putting any sort of filtering there
> 3. Since we are (hopefully) running devicetree.py:scan after this
> screen [2], the disks that appear in the list are going to be the "base
> devices" [3].  This would mean that the dmraid stuff will not appear
> there, which it currently does.  But I don't think this is a big deal as
> VG and LV do not appear there either.

dmraid is (at least conceptually) different from LVM, though -- I set up
as one "logical" disk in the BIOS much like I would with a hardware RAID
array.  Having the individual disks then show up has been a way that
people have gotten into trouble in the past, especially if they're

> 4. I don't know where to put the encrypt checkbox.  I really don't like
> it in the outside window as it is not valid for all the configurations.
> Custom, for example ignores this checkbox.  I could (maybe) placed in
> Additional configuration, but then it would be quite hidden, something that
> I would want to avoid.

Yeah, I don't entirely like where it is now but it works pretty well.
And custom currently desensitizes a fair bit of the pre-selecting you
can do now

> 6. I vote fo also ignoring the devices that the user unchecks in this
> screen.  This would mean that the list would have to be considered with
> the custom button as well.  So when the custom screen pops up, it will
> only show the selecte disks.
We've gone back and forth on this one over time... I'm willing to give
the other way a try.

The other general comment I have is that the bootable radio button is
likely to be obscured / way off to the far right in the treeview.  Plus
having a checkbox and a radio button in the same row is at least a
little odd.


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