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More on the GUI (post FUDCon)

Hey list.

Met with Mo at FUDCon and got lots of great ideas.  This mail is
intended to share some of these.

1. First of all she gave me a cool reference that can be used for
general Human Interface design purposes.
http://library.gnome.org/devel/hig-book/stable/.  This is the most
recent one I found,  I believe its from 2008, if there is a more recent
one, pls scream.

2. Help information.  This refers to text that explains stuff that is
not be trivial to understand.  Instead of doing a help mechanism we
could create a small explanation label, where needed, that goes under
the concept that needs explaining.  Much like
where the buttons have the name and the explanation in some other size
and are slightly clear.

3. Have simplified device names.  To have "sda" instead of "/dev/sda"
and we would place the whole path "/dev/sda" as a small comment on the
bottom of the device name.  I'm guessing this would ease the user
experience with dmraid type devices.

4. Use verbs for the actions.  We have already been discussing this in
the list.

5. Use Gig for the sizes.  I had missed this in previous posts.  But it
be a good idea to have the size in Gb after 999 Mb.  We can have a
function that returns the show-able string.

6. Merge tree and bar view (This is my personal favorite, And I'll
probably include it in a glade file in future posts. :).  To have the
bar information on the tree view.  It would be on the far right and it
would just have minimal information as most of it is contained in the
tree view.  I have to give Mo all the credit for this one :)

7. Put the type of installation (where we select "use entire drive",
"Replace existing Linux system"...) in a separate window with additional
comments on the options.  This has two advantages, IMO, 1. We give the
user more info so he/she can make an informed decision. 2. We don't show
the encrypted check box when it is not needed (less confusion for the
user).  I still don't know exactly where to put the advanced
configuration button in this case though.

8. Giving the user the possibility to select more than one device to
shrink by using a checkbox instead of a drop down menu.  Don't really
know how much of a good idea this is, since I don't really know how that
is coded, but its worth considering IMO.

9. The location of the action buttons would be better on the bottom
left.  This goes better with the look and feel of other gnome
applications.  So we would have the tree view, then the action
buttons and then the "continue" & "Back" buttons.

10. We should pop up a window with all the "create" possibilities [1] for the
customize partition "create" button. They would be handled with a
comboboxe and would have a little explanation beneath the choice type.
The user would select what he/she wants and a screan that creates the
device would pop up.

If I am forgetting something, pls chime in.

Finally, considering that this will not be a complete re-write of the
GUI for the storage section.  I will probably start cleaning up the GUI
files to get a better modularization and to easily move things around
for the changes that we are planning.

As always, suggestions are very much appreciated.

[1] -> "LVM - physical volume", "LVM - Logical Volume" ....

Joel Andres Granados
Brno, Czech Republic, Red Hat.

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