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Re: [PATCH] Enable support for bootloader on md RAID1 partitions.

Hans de Goede wrote:

Can you explain in a bit more detail, what (and how) is exactly going wrong
at the moment, and how your patch fixes this ?

IOW how did you come to the conclusion that even if you select partition that
grub will end up on the mbr ?  And if this was through testing, have you
also been able to reconstruct the code path leading to this behaviour ?

For F11, I tested it and the code path is described below. For F10, I didn't look at the code, just tested it.

I noticed it first it when I was fixing upgrade of grub on /dev/md0 in F11 (bz #505966), which counts the fact that we install on mbr for /dev/md0.

And can you explain what that code path looks like ?

Yes, see comments to the patch (in order):

  booty/x86.py |    4 +++-
  1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/booty/x86.py b/booty/x86.py
index d0972c8..09eb665 100644
--- a/booty/x86.py
+++ b/booty/x86.py
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ class x86BootloaderInfo(efiBootloaderInfo):

              stage1Target = gtDisk

2) here, we are in a loop for boot devices (e.g. sda2, sda3 for /dev/md0), and for target mbr the variable to install stage1 on is set to mbr (e.g. would be installed twice on sda mbr for /dev/md0 on sda2 and sda3)

              if target == "partition":
-                stage1Target = self.grubbyPartitionName(gtPart)
+                stage1Target = bPart

3) and here (the path code we didn't reach for /dev/md* as target was always set to mbr in 1)) we would install stage 1 to gtPart (obtained by getMatchingPart function) which is e.g. sda2 for sda2, and sda2 for sda3 - so we would install twice on the frirst raid member sda2 without the patch.

cmd += "install %s%s/stage1 d %s %s/stage2 p %s%s/grub.conf" % \ (args, grubPath, stage1Target, grubPath, bPart, grubPath)
@@ -158,6 +158,8 @@ class x86BootloaderInfo(efiBootloaderInfo):
                      target = "partition"
          elif grubTarget[-1].isdigit() and not path.startswith('md'):
              target = "partition"

1) here we kept target set to mbr for grub target /dev/md*

+ elif path.startswith('md') and not flags.cmdline.has_key("iswmd"):
+            target = "partition"

          f = open(cf, "w+")

It is possible that I am simplifying too much and missing something because I was thinking about and testing only case when all raid boot part members are on one disk.


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