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Re: Installer device Filtering...

> There was a discussion in irc about device filtering.  I just wanted to
> summarize and post what was discussed so we can maybe get some valuable
> insight from the mailing list.

Someone did me the favor of unplugging the network cable from my
computer while I was away, so I do not have a log of this discussion.
Allow me to rehash things that have probably already come up.

>  * What information to give to the filter?  This is related to the UI.
>    And this was the reason to begin the discussion.
>    - Give a regular expression that identifies the devices
>    - Specify with a checkbox if you want anaconda to use the regular
>      expression.
>    - Specify what that regular expression should do (Ignore or Include)

Designing a UI for this could very quickly become a widget explosion.
Have you ever seen any of the regex building programs?  Scary.  I feel
like we're either going to have to go down that route or have some lame
text entry box where you enter a string.  I don't see a lot of middle

I think I prefer globs to regexes because I feel like it'd be easier to
support, but I'm open to discussion.

>  * On what would those regular expressions operate?
>    - canonicalized path of the device link under /sys/block.
>    - []$ readlink -f /sys/block/sda/device
>      /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:05.0/host0/target0:0:0/0:0:0:0
>    - /dev/disk/by-path version is also possible.  Could be useful.

Peter and I discussed the possibility of using basically anything that
udev provides us with for filtering.  So you could filter on these
paths, or sizes, or model, or whatever else.  Given such flexibility,
there'd also need to be the ability for you to use most of the
comparison operators.

Keep in mind we're going to need all this in kickstart as well.

This introduces the problem of udev changing what information is
available and screwing us over when we can no longer support something
that was being relied upon.  So maybe we only offer a subset of the udev
options that are fairly basic and most important.

>  * Why not have the possibility to refresh?  (Refresh would work with
>    the information contained in the kernel.)
>    - The user tweaks the scanning list and hits refresh.
>    - User does this until he/she is satisfied with the device list.

Seems reasonable, though I'm not sure how well it will work in practice.

>  *  Wish people would learn how to configure fibrechannel switch acl's so we
>     would only see the lun's they actually want us to touch.  Would it
>     be a good idea to document the configuration setup that anaconda
>     expects?

I think the response from customers here will be that anaconda should
deal with whatever configuration it's given, whether it's reasonable or
not.  That's probably extreme, but we should definitely anticipate that
people will not have their storage networks set up the polite way and
will still want their data preserved.

- Chris

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