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Re: More on the GUI (post FUDCon)

Hi Joel,

On 06/29/2009 11:11 AM, Joel Granados wrote:
> 3. Have simplified device names.  To have "sda" instead of "/dev/sda"
> and we would place the whole path "/dev/sda" as a small comment on the
> bottom of the device name.  I'm guessing this would ease the user
> experience with dmraid type devices.

Simplified names are good. For disks of type DASD (yeah, I know, it's an
s390 specific thing), it would be cool to (also) show the device number
in the small comment. The numbers have a very short format, e.g.
"0.1.beef". This way, the users would always know the mapping between
I/O devices of the system and those of Linux for sure. In contrast to
other platforms, this mapping on s390 is very dynamic and the user's
choice, i.e. it depends on the order in which the user activates (sets
online) DASDs (and not on the assembly of the hardware).

> 7. Put the type of installation (where we select "use entire drive",
> "Replace existing Linux system"...) in a separate window with additional
> comments on the options.  This has two advantages, IMO, 1. We give the
> user more info so he/she can make an informed decision. 2. We don't show
> the encrypted check box when it is not needed (less confusion for the
> user).  I still don't know exactly where to put the advanced
> configuration button in this case though.

Since the advanced configuration dynamically adds new disks to the
system, I would have thought it should go before selecting the type of
installation. It would be nice, if we could always go back there, in
case the user forgot to add the right disk which might only be noticed
when seeing the details in the tree view later on. Alternatively, the
advanced configuration could be displayed in a dialog brought up by a
corresponding additional button in the actions row at the bottom. That
would even safe the user going back a few steps just to add another disk.


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