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Re: Glade files for anaconda UI (storage)

On 06/19/2009 03:27 PM, Joel Granados wrote:
> --- The autopart screen ---
> 1. I would hold all detection of stuff that would otherwise take
> anaconda too long to detect [1], until the autopart screen.  Where the
> user can choose to go with the "local" detected storage or to use the
> additional configuration  iscsi, zFCP ...

In order to enable upgrades on iSCSI or zFCP disks, we would also need
an additional wizard screen quite early before the scanning for
upgradable installations and before the scanning of storage devices. On
s390, this early screen should always appear (since you cannot pass boot
options when installing from FCP-attached SCSI-CD/DVD), on all other
platforms its display might be made dependent on a boot option.

> 5. iscsi, zfcp and all the additional configuration elements would
> change the setup for refresh.  So if you activate iscsi and then hit
> refresh, it should try to activate iscsi and search iscsi devices and
> filter them according to whatever was defined in filtering.


> 6. I vote fo also ignoring the devices that the user unchecks in this
> screen.  This would mean that the list would have to be considered with
> the custom button as well.  So when the custom screen pops up, it will
> only show the selecte disks.


seems much more user-friendly without the distracting unused devices

> 7. The bar views can have some additional info wehn the users puts the
> mouse over the bars.  Invormation like format type and if its going to
> be formated or not, can appear in the tooltip.

I like the tooltip idea for more details.

> 8. The tree view and the bar view would be creatly enhanced if one could
> right click on a device and the installer would give the possible
> actions one might want to perform.

I like the context menu idea but I would already be satisfied, if the
selection of an object on the tree (or bar) view was honoured on
selecting create such that I wouldn't have to select the actual objects
as "allowable drives" to create something on again in the popup create
dialog. This might require multi-select on the tree, though. At least
that is my experience with RHEL 5; not sure if this has already changed


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