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RFC: proposal for handling isw dmraid -> mdraid upgrade path


I've been thinking about $SUBJECT lately, and I would like to propose the
following way to handle this:

1) Make the use of mdraid or dmraid for BIOS-raid supported by both
   configurable both in anaconda (it already is) and in the installed OS
   (so in relevant udev rules and / or in rc.sysinit).

   anaconda will have a cmdline option to override the defaults, and the
   installed system will have a /etc/sysconfig/biosraid file, with a
   single setting:

   Which can be either dmraid or mdraid

2) On a fresh install anaconda will use mdraid and will write
   "PREFERRED_BIOSRAID_HANDLER=mdraid" to /etc/sysconfig/biosraid
   (unless forced to use dmraid through the command line)

3) On an update anaconda will look for
   /etc/sysconfig/biosraid, and use what ever is there, if
   the file does not exist (as it will not an an upgrade from
   F-11), it will use dmraid as we did in previous releases and
   /etc/sysconfig/biosraid, so that future upgrades will still use

This will result in an it just works experience for users, and offers
the ability to keep using dmraid for BIOS-raid supported by path, which
is something several people have indicated they want.

The only hole I can poke into this is yum update's from F-11, but
we can document what to do on the yum upgrade wiki page, which people
doing yum upgrade's should always read.



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