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RFC: howto handle upgrades of zfcp / iscsi


This proposal is mainly meant for 5.5, for F-12 this will hopefully
be handled from / to gether with the device filtering.

I've been discussing $SUBJECT with some IBM people at Fudcon Berlin,
and we came up with the following:

Add an "Storage setup" screen between the welcome and the choose
wether you want to install or upgrade screen. This screen will
show a list of disks (as shown in auto_part.py but then without
the checkboxes) and an "add storage" button, which will pop
up the advanced storage dialog.

This screen will be skipped by default on all archs except s390,
as there this is only an issue when booting from non ibft iscsi,
which is a rather unlikely scenario and it will be a too
scary screen for desktop users or atleast unnecessary). On these
archs there will be a cmdline option ("advancedstorage") to not
skip the screen.

Note that one of the reasons to make this default not skipped on
is because we cannot use a cmdline option there, the other reason
is that zfcp is quite common on s390, so it makes sense to always
offer the ability to add zfcp disks before searching for installs
to upgrade.

This way:
1) Our normal installer flow is preserved (except on s390)
2) On s390 one will be able to upgrade installs on zfcp disks
3) On non s390 one will be able to upgrade non ibft installs,
   albeit this needs a cmdline option.



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