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We need to start thinking about writing kernel cmdline options to grub.conf for dracut

Hi All,

When we switch to dracut we will need to specify certain kernel
commandline options to dracut. For example when / is on iscsi
dracut will need information for configuring the nic and
about the iscsi target present on the kernel cmdline.

The easiest way to handle this would be to add a new
attribute to all devices which returns a list of kernel
cmdline options to add to bring up that device (which will be
empty in most cases).

The problem here is that we can need (for example) multiple
iscsi disks, and the question then becomes how to merge the
cmdlines returned from the various devices.

Harald I've included you in the CC, because I think this is
something which dracut cannot handle at all atm. The
parameters like iscsi_target_name, etc. All only take
one value AFAIK, but what then if we need to bring up 2
different iscsi targets, for example for doing a mirror
on 2 different iscsi disks ?

I'm thinking that it would be better to have an iscsi=
option, which will then contain the rootdev= iscsi syntax
from dhcp (so all info for one target in one string) and
allow having this option multiple times, does that
sound like a plan ?



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