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Re: RFC: proposal for handling isw dmraid -> mdraid upgrade path


On 06/30/2009 11:08 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
Hans de Goede (hdegoede redhat com) said:
I've been thinking about $SUBJECT lately, and I would like to propose the
following way to handle this:

1) Make the use of mdraid or dmraid for BIOS-raid supported by both
    configurable both in anaconda (it already is) and in the installed OS
    (so in relevant udev rules and / or in rc.sysinit).

    anaconda will have a cmdline option to override the defaults, and the
    installed system will have a /etc/sysconfig/biosraid file, with a
    single setting:

    Which can be either dmraid or mdraid

... why do we want to do this? Supporting two entirely separate code paths
for a single device is *bad*.

Because we will need both code paths anyways as for some bios-raid's mdraid
will be the preferred method, while others will only be supported by dmraid.

Given that we need the 2 code paths anyways, making which one to use
configurable when both support the type of bios-raid is much easier, and
certainly much less error prone, then trying to handle device name changes
when upgrading.



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