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Re: [PATCH] - change our default partitioning scheme

> I think you'll have problems with 51 or 64 GB disks.  You don't want a 
> /home that is only 1 GB or 14 GB.  It might make sense to do this 
> instead:
> VG < 50 GB: make /boot, swap, rest as /
> 100 GB >= VG >= 50GB: make /boot, swap, split rest between / and /home
> VG > 100 GB: make /boot, swap, / with 50 GB max, rest as /home
> That keeps /home from being too small in the separate /home case.  The 
> smallest a separate /home could be is 25.5 or 26 GB.

I don't believe we have the ability to express sizes of requests this
complex, even after the thing I added in this patch.  I also think this
is a fairly difficult change to make - at least in a clean and generic

We have the ability to do 50/50 splits by giving the requests the same
minimum size.  And we have the ability to cap requests out at some
maximum size.  And with my patch we can give requests a minimum size
that must exist for the request to even be used.  But, I don't think we
can combine those together to cover the 50 <= size <= 100 case.

Anyway, do you think that really matters?  How many users are going to
fall into the 51 GB or 64 GB cases here?  See my other mail where I said
that we don't even spend this much effort making sure / is a minimum
useful size.

- Chris

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