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Re: [PATCH 1/3] Don't stop mdraid containers or their arrays (#532971)


On 11/06/2009 03:12 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
diff --git a/storage/devices.py b/storage/devices.py
index 50ae804..28e031c 100644
--- a/storage/devices.py
+++ b/storage/devices.py
@@ -2517,6 +2517,12 @@ class MDRaidArrayDevice(StorageDevice):

+        # Since BIOS RAID sets (containers in mdraid terminology) never change
+        # there is no need to stop them and later restart them. Not stopping
+        # (and thus also not starting) them also works around bug 523334
+        if self.type == "mdcontainer" or self.devices[0].type == "mdcontainer":
+            return
          # We don't really care what the array's state is. If the device
          # file exists, we want to deactivate it. mdraid has too many
          # states.

Are we guaranteed to have self.devices[0] here?

Yes, we are de-activating a set, a set without any members can not be active.



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