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[PATCH - master] get rid of the early kickstart processing pass

The following set of patches reduces the number of kickstart passes in
anaconda.  There's now just a pass to deal with %pre scripts, and a pass
to parse everything else.  This means all the partitioning commands can
now be in a file generated by a %pre script, and that there's no annoying
early pass to add certain commands into that you'll forget about later.  I
have also moved all the important stuff out of the parse methods and into
execute methods, therefore separating parsing from "code generation" - you
know, like a compiler would.

This patch set requires another set of patches from pykickstart, which I
will attach to this thread.

One issue - the order of commands matters.  You need to put clearpart in
before your other partitioning commands or else it won't work.  Commands
are executed in the order they are seen.  I think it would be easy to fix
this, but I also think this is the way it's always been.  Any thoughts?

- Chris

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