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Re: [PATCH] Added the libudev python bindings

Also, there's the libgudev, which does dynamic python bindings,
but because of a bug in PyGObject, does not work 100%, but that should be fixed
with the patches for F13, so this pyudev is a temporary solution only.
I think we will use the libgudev, when it will be ready.


  Martin Gracik

----- "Hans de Goede" <hdegoede redhat com> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 11/11/2009 05:34 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > Martin Gracik (mgracik redhat com) said:
> >> Also rewrote the baseudev.py to use the bindings instead of
> parsing
> >> the udev db file
> >
> > Any reason pyudev can't be pushed upstream to udev?
> >
> Its not really a proper library binding, it uses ctypes, so you
> manually
> have to free memory in python when you are done with it, also
> it does not cover the full libudev API, just what we need.
> Regards,
> Hans
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