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Re: [master] Sleep if the kickstart file read fails.

> The problem here is that doPwMount doesn't return anything really
> useful. On master it calls the system 'mount' command. What I am
> going to is introduce more IMOUNT_ error codes there and return them
> accordingly from the function, then use it in the new sleeping code
> and make sure all the other places doing the mount call do not
> regress. If someone doesn't like it I'm open to suggestions.

Note that if you pass in a char ** as the last argument to doPwMount,
you'll also get the exact output from mount.  That may be helpful here.

The IMOUNT_ERR_ values are kind of crap, in my opinion.  In an ideal
world, we'd call a library to mount filesystems and then use errno to
figure out what went wrong.  We're not in an ideal world though.  So,
the way it seems like doPwMount should work is that on library calls
that fail (mkdirChain, open, etc.) we would return IMOUNT_ERR_ERRNO and
the caller would know to check errno.

On mount failing, it would be nice to have a similar facility.  We
already return IMOUNT_ERR_OTHER there, but we have no information about
what the problem really is.  There's the status code right there, but
that's not at all exposed outside the function and I really don't want
to introduce some sort of crazy isys errno.

So, any clever ideas?

- Chris

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