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Re: PATCH fix 510970, 529551, 530541

Hi Jerry,

Many thanks for the patch, I'll let others who know this part
of the code better review it, but I still wanted to say thanks :)



On 11/12/2009 10:00 PM, Jerry Vonau wrote:
This is currently untested, but I'm looking for feedback. Think most of
the issues with the size of /boot can be traced to preupgrade or

free = anaconda.id.storage.fsFreeSpace
self._loopbackFile = "%s%s/rhinstall-install.img" % (anaconda.rootPath,

This ends up placing self._loopbackFile on /mnt/sysimage/boot and is
causing anaconda to not have enough room to copy the install.img. I just
changed the path to be /mnt/sysimage/tmp, should have lots of room

While in the preupgrade case, /boot may not be able to hold the new
kernel due to having /boot/upgrade/install.img on its filesystem. This
gets copied to /tmp and just takes up space on boot once anaconda loads.
As a bonus once install.img is copied to /mnt/sysimage/tmp, anaconda's
/tmp is purged of the install.img, if present, freeing up ram.

Hoping I'm on the right track,


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