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Re: [PATCH] reIPL is calculating the boot drive incorrectly

On 11/17/2009 04:01 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
>> diff --git a/iutil.py b/iutil.py
>> index 0b15bd8..7efb74d 100644
>> --- a/iutil.py
>> +++ b/iutil.py
>> @@ -980,7 +980,11 @@ def reIPL(anaconda, loader_pid):
>>      reipl_path = "/sys/firmware/reipl"
>> -    ipldev = anaconda.id.bootloader.device
>> +    ipldev = None
>> +    if anaconda.id.storage.fsset.mountpoints.has_key ('/boot'):
>> +        ipldev = anaconda.id.storage.fsset.mountpoints['/boot'].disk.name
>> +    elif anaconda.id.storage.fsset.mountpoints.has_key ('/'):
>> +        ipldev = anaconda.id.storage.fsset.mountpoints['/'].disk.name
>>      if ipldev is None:
>>          message = _("Error determining mount point type")
> You don't need to do this yourself.  You can just:
> try:
>    ipldev = anaconda.id.platform.bootDevice.disk.name
> except:
>    ipldev = None

Thanks a lot Chris, that looks much cleaner.

At the same time it makes me wonder what the semantics of
anaconda.id.bootloader.device are. Is it the selection of the drop down
box, where the user can choose the device to install the bootloader to
in the storage wizard screen before the partitionier?

Speaking of which, this drop down box is IMHO unnecessary on s390x at
best or even confusing to users. The zipl bootloader always has to go on
the disk device where /boot is located. Hence there is no choice,
instead the bootloader device is rather implicitly given during
partitioning. Hans told me the platform specific bootloader code in
anaconda would filter the devices that appear in the drop down box.
However, to me it seems it filters for devices that may potentially hold
the zipl bootloader, but which one of those it will finally be is only
determined afterwards during partitioning. Maybe that's why my "fix"
from bd1d78545a1380ad71a37801a8c9c967168100eb turned out to be wrong?


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