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Re: [Fwd: Fedora 12 Installer Experience]

> >Map/TZ widget: doesn't fill dialog size.
> >
> Hmm, Ive not noticed this a screenshot would help here.

I know what he's talking about.  This screen needs to be reworked

> >Root password: no offer for sudo setup
> >
> That would not be something to do from this screen, but setting up sudo
> for the user added from the add user dialog in firstboot would be a good idea,
> please file an RFE for this against firstboot.

No please don't.  I already have a bug for this.

> >Partitioner: no indication that LVM and RAID buttons are for new only.
> >"Hide LVM/RAID" doesn't work.
> >
> The partitioning UI has been revamped for F-13, and this should be much
> clearer now.

That button is completely gone for F13.

> >Boot loader: no explanation of what a boot loader is. Use of sdx block
> >names (some discoverability in Change Dev. dialog)
> >
> Hmm, if you can suggest concrete improvements / a mockup of how this could
> be done better concretely we might take over some of your suggestions.

I have a mail from Mo about the bootloader screen that I need to get
around to.  That should help things out.

Of course, you wouldn't have to know what a bootloader is if you hadn't
gone to the partition customization screen.  The bootloader setup stuff
is completely skipped unless you choose to customize/review partitions.

> >Repos/software: no indication that offered additional repos. are remote
> >or explanation why you would enable them. No progress on metadata fetch.
> >Why would any Windows user not enable the Updates here? Is that
> >safe/fast?
> >
> This is a bit of a difficult topic, probably best discussed in its own
> thread, I'm a favor of not having the updates repo available with just
> a single checkbox, as using it during the install should work, but is
> not tested / guaranteed. Also when not doing a network install, enabling
> it will slow down the install significantly. So maybe we should only offer
> this on a network install.

It seems silly to me that the user should care if a repo is remote or
not as long as it works.  Anyway, highlighting the repo and clicking
edit would bring up a dialog showing you that it's http://whatever.

Only enabling repos if we're on a network install is rather inconsistent
behavior and I'd rather not do it.

> >Starting Install: long wait with no estimate.
> There is a "wait" dialog there right, so what you miss is a progress bar ?

I don't think we have the information to estimate this.  What's
happening is that package headers are being downloaded so we can do the
transaction test, and I'm not sure yum provides us with the information
to know how much we've done vs. how much we have left to do.

- Chris

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