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Re: [Fwd: Fedora 12 Installer Experience]

> Well we are not doing it be default atm either, we are asking by default and
> most people I know press no, they might press yes the first time they
> ever install Fedora, but once they know what it is and how long it takes,
> they press no.

We explain what it does, we offer a yes/no choice, and we highlight the
yes button.  This is the default.  Moving over to no takes user
interaction, therefore not the default.

> Note that giving it a separate menu entry in the syslinux menu pretty much
> comes down to asking it too, but at a place where we are already giving
> users a multiple choice anyways, so in essence we will still be removing
> one question from the default install path.

The syslinux menu is really not a very good place for this as it puts it
even more out of the way for the user.  I want it more in the user's
face where they will consider strongly whether or not they should be
running media check.  Moving the decision point out of anaconda into the
syslinux menu means fewer people are going to do it (really - how many
people actually do anything at the syslinux menu besides just hitting
enter?) and will result in more NOTABUGs for us to have to deal with.

- Chris

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